About Us

Welcome to Legacy Holiday

Before you travel with us, I believe it's best for you to get to know us.
Who are we? How we started? What are our goals?
To start with Legacy Holiday's introduction, me, Mrs. Deepali Sathe - Ikhe started this company roughly around 10
years back as my dream project. I am a traveler by nature. But as it is same for every middle class family finances,
schedules and other work - family priorities always kept coming in a way. I tried different options going on group
tours, just doing hotel reservations and exploring the place as we reach there. Let me explain you problems that I
faced and how it helped me to invent the "holidaying way" which I bring to all of you.
While I was exploring different holidaying ways I realized that group tours aren't always possible as they do not go
with the vacation schedule always and sometimes the way I want to explore the place isn't necessarily the way
other wants to. This causes compromise and I was not ready to compromise my holiday. I very well know how well
deserved those 8 days once in a 6 months are for any middle class family and that's when I decided I am not okay
with compromise.
This is the main reason, while we plan our group tours. We make sure to come up with 2 or 3 suitable dates for all
travelers and later we finalize the one. Also, we do not keep anything hanging. For example, when we say you have
to pay Rs. 40000 for Kashmir group tour’s seat it includes everything. Not just major things like all transfers, stays,
meals but also minute things like entry tickets to each monument, guide fees wherever applicable, tickets to special
attractions like Gondola ride and Shikara ride, price of special experiences like enjoying authentic Kahawa drink or
visit to Keshar farms or visit to bat factory.
As internet era grew and we all had smartphones to our service, I tried just booking hotels and exploring the place
as I go. But what I realized is we need a thorough study in order to be able to do that properly or we miss out on
the things. In our daily schedules we don't get time to study the place, we just want hassle free holiday and one


worth the money we paid.
This is when I first started having holidays my way "Tailor Made Customized Holidays". This is what we mainly bring
to you.
As a company, we believe that each family is unique combination of it's unique members. We work to design your
holiday based on your inputs to following questions:
Where to?
Number of available days?
Budget for now?
Things you want to do?
You can walk up to our office and say,
We are a couple in our late 50's. We didn't get time till now but now we have plenty. We want to explore Rajasthan,
we have enough days. Two things that you want to keep in mind are we don't want to exert ourselves and we don't
want to spend excess. But we want to cover whole of Rajasthan (Mewad and Marwad)
We listen to you carefully. I personally create a package suited for just your needs to make sure your needs are
fulfilled in your given budget.
For this couple in example, I will suggest a long holiday of 14 days so that they don't exert themselves and still cover
everything but will ask them to go with budget package instead of luxury one so that they can cover whole
Rajasthan within budget.
On contrary, if a young couple in their 30's come to me and tell me they have just 4 days of vacation and they want
to have party of a lifetime on New Year's eve and given that they are not worried about budget I will suggest them
our premium 5 start package in Andaman or Goa.
So to shorten the story, we are here for you to make your dream holiday come true within all your conditions and
just the way you like it. I can say we are really good at what we do because believe me when I say this, we are one
of you.



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